A Benchmark for a Mono and Multi Objective Optimization of the Brushless DC Wheel Motor


This website presents fully detailed materials for the sizing of a brushless DC wheel motor. The sizing model can be used as a benchmark for comparison of optimization methods.

First, the analytical model is presented where, each equation used for the sizing is described. The analytical model is available in Mathcad file, and Matlab function.

Second, the optimization problem is described in the case of single and bi-objective optimization problems. Objective and constraints functions are given in Matlab code such as a function to run Matlab fmincon with multi-start.

The optimization results are presented. Firstly, in the case of a mono-objective optimization problem where the efficiency (η) is maximized. Secondly, in the case of a bi-objective problem where the efficiency (η) is maximized and the total mass Mtot is minimized.

Finally, you have the possibility to provide a feedback on our results and send us your results.

F. Moussouni, and S. Brisset

Contact: stephane.brisset@ec-lille.fr,

L2EP - Ecole Centrale de Lille

Fig. 1– Prototype of the wheel motor. The inner stator is visible with the coils rolled up around the teeth.

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